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Architects and about Cape Cod architecture. Different types of Cape Cod style homes.

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Cape Cod Architecture

The most popular styles of houses found on Cape Cod and the islands are the Cape Cod, the Colonial and the Ranch. There are also a few Federal, Contemporary, Salt Box, Queen Anne and Victorian houses scattered about.

Cape Cod The first houses built in the United States were Cape Cod style houses. The original colonial Cape Cod homes were story-and-a-half cottages with no dormers and were sided with shingles. During the mid-20th century, the Cape Cod style home became popular in suburban developments throughout the United States. A 20th-century Cape Cod is square or rectangular with one or one-and-a-half stories and steeply pitched, gabled roofs.Cape Cod architecture

Colonial America’s colonial period encompassed a number of housing types and styles, including Cape Cod, Saltbox, Georgian, and Dutch Colonial. when we speak of the Colonial style, we often are referring to a rectangular, symmetrical home with bedrooms on the second floor. The double-hung windows usually have many small, equally sized square panes. During the late 1800s and throughout the 20th century, builders borrowed Colonial ideas to create refined Colonial Revival homes with elegant central hallways and elaborate cornices. Unlike the original Colonials, Colonial Revival homes are often sided in white clapboard and trimmed with black or green shutters.

Ranch Sometimes called the California ranch style, this home in the Modern family, originated there in 1930s. It emerged as one of the most popular American styles in the 1950s and 60s, when the automobile had replaced early 20th-century forms of transportation, such as streetcars. The style takes its cues from Spanish Colonial and Prairie and Craftsman homes, and is characterized by its one-story, pitched-roof construction, built-in garage and sliding doors leading to patios.

Hiring an Architect

Questions to ask your architect (courtesy of the American Institute of Architects)

  • What does the architect see as important issues or considerations in your project?
  • What are the challenges of the project?
  • How will the architect approach your project?
  • How will the architect gather information about your needs, goals, etc.?
  • How will the architect establish priorities and make decisions?
  • Who from the architecture firm will you be dealing with directly? Is that the same person who will be designing the project?
  • Who will be designing your project?
  • How interested is the architect in this project?
  • How busy is the architect?
  • What sets this architect apart from the rest?
  • How does the architect establish fees?
  • What would the architect expect the fee to be for this project?
  • What are the steps in the design process?
  • How does the architect organize the process?
  • What does the architect expect you to provide?
  • What is the architect’s design philosophy?
  • What is the architect’s experience/track record with cost estimating?
  • What will the architect show you along the way to explain the project?
  • Will you see models, drawings, or computer animations?
  • If the scope of the project changes later in the project, will there be additional fees? How will these fees be justified?
  • What services does the architect provide during construction?
  • How disruptive will construction be? How long does the architect expect it to take to complete your project?
  • Does the architect have a list of past clients that you can contact?

How to hire an architect (video)

Architects and about Cape Cod architecture. Different types of Cape Cod style homes

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Cape Cod Architects

Architects and about Cape Cod architecture. Different types of original Cape Cod style houses.


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